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David Mudrick

Connecting Esoteric and Occult knowledge from the origins of humans and tracing through rulers of ancient civilizations from Pharoahs,  Emperors, Kings and modern day Political rulers to understand our creation and how humanity has become enslaved through the control systems of Government, Industry, Religion and Banking.

These leaders and their bloodlines, are part of a Secret Society and have hidden symbols in plain sight that show their allegiance to each other. The symbols are easy to see if you are paying attention but very few understand that their systems hide the truth from us and enslave us through commerce, religion, man's laws and money.

We have the power to be truly free as the Creator intended it because we greatly outnumber those that are using the hidden knowledge and control of information. Only through education and understanding of our current situation can we start to take steps to be free for the first time in our history. 

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